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Tongji University MobilityProgram 2020- 2021


Tongji University Academic Mobility Program provides courses that are innovative and academically rigorous, and encourages initiatives for students to explore issues, challenges and opportunities in Shanghai, Asia and around the world. The courses are designed and led by innovative and dedicated instructors from various faculties of Tongji University.    

In light of the significant uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Tongji University AMP will be hosting courses in hybrid instruction mode in July and December during 2020-2021.    

All courses will include Intensive face-to-face/On-site classes with online learning resources. We have strict attendance marks for the offline components.  face-to-face/On-site classes are COMPULSORY to attend.      


Session 1:

Session A: 22nd June - 10thJuly 2020 (with limited capacity)

Session B: 4th July – 24th July2020 (with limited capacity)

Session 2:

21st December 2020- 15th January 2021

Instruction mode

Along with the uncertaintysurrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide a more convenient andproductive learning experience for students, we are to introduce thenewly-developed add-on online module on top of the traditional offlinecomponent of our program. This multi-pronged approach is to help the studentsget familiar with the course content prior to the commencement of the intensiveoffline modules and enrich their program experiences.

Under this hybrid mode, All courses will include Intensive face-to-face/On-site classes with online learning resources. We have strict attendance marks for the offline components. Face-to-face/On-site classes are COMPULSORY to attend. It is believed to be the best way to maintain the quality of the program experiences and ensure the safety of the forthcoming students. Through this approach, it also helps the students in developing their digital literacy they may need in the future workplace.

The online modules are anintegral part of the course and are complementary to offline modules. Theytogether aim to enhance the learning environment and engage better studyexperiences for the students.


Our courses are from different disciplines andcover engineering, commerce, culture, architecture and more.

Courses are taught by renowned lecturers fromthe diverse faculties in Tongji University. Each course which is equivalent to6 ECTs comprises 66 contact hours from Online and Offline Modules.


Courses offeredare to be updated:


TheEnvironment and Sustainable Engineering Systems





International Finance



Auditingand Assurance Services

Derivativesand Risk Management

Investments (New!)


Drawing and Sketching


ContemporaryArchitecture: The Masterworks  

❏History of Landscape Architecture


 Undergraduate Outlines in PDFs.zip

 Postgraduate Course Outlines.zip


The studentshould be currently enrolled in an overseas university and be competent inEnglish.


Please referto Rules and regulations from InternationalStudents Office, Tongji University.

The program also extends opportunities for students toreceive scholarships or subsidies towards their fees on the program.Please contact us for details.  


Aftersuccessful completion of the enrolled course, students will receive a programcompletion certificate and an official transcript issued by Tongji University.

We recommendstudents obtaining academic approval from their home university prior to thecommencement of the program.


For more information and to apply pleasecontact through the details provided below

Email:   amp@tongji.edu.cntjceie-am@tongji.edu.cn


Phone:  021 6151 4836

It had been brought to our attention recentlythat there have been people promoting a false program and defrauding studentsunder the name of Tongji University. Please be aware when handing out personaldetails to unauthorised parties.